Japanese-English English-Japanese/Language exchange meet up!
International exchange, Japanese Language Conversation & Practice .
All people are welcome!
whether you want to practice English, Japanese, and or just a experience a nice conversation.


At the first, please come to a counter, show your members card.
Plesase make a members card at the first time.

1 hour・・・500円 or 1 order
A charge is for one hour between 10:00AM~11:00PM.
anytime is okay to come and leave.
※If duration of stay from10:15 to 11:00, usage fee for one hour

Coffee / Tea / orange juice / apple juice etc..
2 breads・・・500円
Soft drink & bread・・・800円
Soft drink & 2 breads・・・1,000円


The purpose is for International exchange , Language exchange
and for everyone to feel relaxecl and respected by all participants.
We all follow the Golden Rule


  • No soliciatation of any kind!
  • No discrimination
  • No Harrasment